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Sav-Mor Rewards Club

Savings on ALL your Medications!
Brand and Generic

Sign up and save with the Sav-Mor Prescription "Rewards" Club. The Sav-Mor "Rewards" Club is valid at ALL participating Sav-Mor Drug Stores. It doesn't matter where you enrolled, you will receive all the value and valid discounts at any participating Sav-Mor Drug Store.
For a one-time $10 enrollment fee, you'll cover everyone in your household.

You'll receive all this:
  $ Discounts on all brand name and generic medications
  $ 500+ generic medications for $4 (for up to a 30-day supply*)
  $ 500+ generic medication for $9.99 (for up to a 90-day supply*)
  $ Discounts on all pet medications
  $ FREE medication review
  $ $10 Gift Card just for signing up!
  $ 20% Discount on all Quality Choice OTC Products

*The day supply is based upon the average dispensing patterns for the specific drug and strength. The program, as well as the prices and the list of covered drugs, can be modified by Sav-Mor at any time without notice at the discretion of Sav-Mor.


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