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About Checker Specialty Pharmacy

We are specialists in Geriatric Pharmacy.

We are a company with sophisticated strategies and processes, providing the knowledge, quality, accountability and responsiveness of a professional staff that delivers results.

We understand the importance of medication management in senior living, hospice and other healthcare settings. Our professionals are committed to the highest quality care and value, all of which have earned us trust by the caregivers, residents and their families we serve.

"Checker Specialty Pharmacy is an ancillary service that has a customer-first philosophy. We bring peace of mind 365 days a year to our clients." - Richard Grossman, R. Ph. President

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Blister-Packed Medication Service

We fill and deliver all of our customers' prescriptions in a customized medication blister pack, which makes taking the right medications at the right time easier than ever. Each customized medication pack is date-specific with four color-coded administration times. It's an accurate and efficient way to dispense medication and allows use of a single packaging and administration system.


Additional Services

  • Pharmacy on staff delivers and sets up monthly meds
  • Daily deliveries (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE)
  • Emergency deliveries available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Regular In-Services provided
  • Med Tech training available
  • Quarterly chart reviews available
  • State-of-the-art computer systems used to identify drug interactions and for drug utilization review
  • Compounding/alternative forms of drug composition

Pharmacist On Call Service

Our pharmacists and technicians understand the high degree of service required in the long-term care setting. Checker Specialty Pharmacy provides on-call pharmacists 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle calls after hours and to provide medication dispensing during emergencies, holidays and after hours of normal operations.


Helping You With Insurance

We provide competitive pricing with no "hidden fees". We bill over 400 different insurances and accept all Medicare Part D insurance plans.

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