Board Of Directors

Richard Grossman: President and CEO
Rich Grossman has been active in the pharmaceutical field for more than 30 years, and has served as President and CEO of Sav-Mor™ since 1995. In this capacity, Rich has overseen the growth of Sav-Mor™ from 29 locations to over 70 today, implementing integral back end services including contracting, cash management, claims reconciliation, and auditing at the franchisee locations. In 1996, Rich also became the owner of West Grange Sav-Mor Pharmacy in Trenton, Michigan, a neighborhood Sav-Mor drugstore. He is a strong, longtime supporter of the downriver community, schools, and charitable causes and enjoys giving back to the residents of Trenton. West Grange Pharmacy has been active with such organizations and businesses as Angela Hospice, the Kidney Foundation, Trenton Parks and Recreation and Trenton Public Schools. In addition, Rich has owned Checker Specialty Pharmacy in Novi, Michigan since 2001, which services long term care facilities throughout Michigan. He also owns Sav-Mor #100, a clinic pharmacy located inside the Guidance Center in Southgate, since 2008. In 2009, Rich began serving as the acting General Manager and Vice President of Pharmacy Services for Novixus Pharmacy Services, currently the only fully automated mail order pharmacy in Michigan. Novixus Pharmacy Services will soon become the Central Fill Facility for all of the Sav-Mor locations. Rich is a 1979 graduate of the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy.

Yvonne T. Gallagher: Executive Vice President, Pharmacy Operations.
Ms. Gallagher has been Executive Vice President of Sav-Mor™ since 2002. From February 1996 to 2001, Ms. Gallagher was Vice President, Pharmacy Administration for Sav-Mor™. As of August 2007, Ms. Gallagher is also Vice President, Pharmacy Administration for Progressive Pharmacies, LLC. From January 1992 to February 1996, Ms. Gallagher was in Pharmacy Administration for Arbor Drugs in Troy, Michigan. Ms. Gallagher has a total of 28 years pharmacy experience. She currently serves on the following Third Party and Managed Care committees: Michigan Pharmacy Association; Blue Cross Michigan; Medicaid Michigan; National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, and National Community Pharmacy Association.

Charles W. Hastings: Executive Board Member
Mr. Hastings has been an Executive Board Member and Secretary of Sav-Mor™ since 1995. Mr. Hastings was a member of the advertising committee of Sav-Mor™ from 1989 to 1995. Mr. Hastings has owned Sav-Mor™ #18 d.b.a. Northline Drugs in Southgate, Michigan since 1976. Mr. Hasting has been an Owner of Sav-Mor #100 in Southgate, Michigan since May 2008. Mr. Hastings has additional work related experience with drug stores. Mr. Hastings graduated from the University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy in 1976. All of the employment of Mr. Hastings has been in the Detroit, Michigan Metropolitan area.

Randolph B. Dahlquist: Executive Board Member
Mr. Dahlquist has been an Executive Board Member of Sav-Mor™ since 2001 and on the Sav-Mor™ Point of Sale Selection Committee since 1997. Mr. Dahlquist has been CEO and President of Sav-Mor™ #17 d.b.a. Benson Drug Company since 1993. Prior to that he was a part owner of Benson Drugs since 1982 and an employee since 1979. He is a third generation owner of a store established in 1919. Mr. Dahlquist graduated from Ferris State University in 1979. All of Mr. Dahlquist’s employment has been in the Greater Muskegon, Michigan Metropolitan area.

Anthony J. Plas: Executive Board Member
Dr. Plas has been an Executive Board Member since 2013, representing the Apothecary group of pharmacies. He is also an active member of several corporate task groups and committees. Dr. Plas is an owner of three Sav-Mor pharmacies, #38, #51 and #91 d.b.a Pine Knob Pharmacies. Dr. Plas graduated in 2003 with high distinction from the Ferris State University College of Pharmacy with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. He is also a member of Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity, Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society, Michigan Pharmacists Association, and the National Community Pharmacist Association.

William Newman: Executive Board Member
Mr. Newman has been an Executive Board Member of Sav-Mor™ since 1998. Mr. Newman has also been an owner of the Sav-On Corporation, which operates 14 Sav-Mor™ Stores in several counties in Michigan, since 1990.

William Semaan: Executive Board Member
Mr. Semaan has been an Executive Board Member of Sav-Mor since 2007. Mr. Semaan is the co-owner of Sav-Mor #53 d/b/a Lafayette Drugs in Detroit, Michigan since 1989. Mr. Semaan has been the Lead Pharmacist at DMC Pharmacy in Detroit, Michigan since 2007 (DMC acquired Prescription Center Pharmacy – Sav-Mor #52, which Mr. Semaan owned since 1997). Mr. Semaan was formerly the owner of Village Drugs in Warren, Michigan (1988-1996) and co-owner of Lafayette #2 in Detroit, Michigan (1989-1994). Mr. Semaan graduated from Wayne State University, College of Pharmacy in 1983.

Mark Klar: Executive Board Member
Mr. Klar has been an Executive Board Member of Sav-Mor™ since 1998. Mr. Klar has been President of Warren, Inc., which operates a Sav-Mor™#29 d.b.a. Warren Prescriptions in Farmington Hills, Michigan, since February 1999 and President of Sav-Mor™ #22 d.b.a. Sax Drugs, in Taylor, Michigan, since July 1985. Mr. Klar graduated from Oakland University in 1980.


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